Non-Surgical 'Stapex' Foreskin Removal

We are India’s first clinic to implement the ‘stapex’.

A non-surgical pain free method of circumcision which uses an CE approved device for removing that troublesome foreskin in a ‘clean cut free manner’.

Sexual Satisfaction with Circumcision
Possible Prevention of STDs with Circumcision

Conventional Adult Circumcision

With over 35 years of clinical experience, our medical team performs conventional circumcision for a variety of penile forskin disorders. We have safely performed over 1382 procedures in the last 5 years for patients.

Medical Treatments of Penile foreskin disorders

Our team of sexual health experts, general surgeons and urologists specialize in handling complex problems of the penile foreskin. Be it a simple infection of the foreskin or a complicated carcinoma we diagnose and treat it all.

Medical Treatment of Penile Foreskin