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A tight foreskin medically called ‘Phimosis’ is a clinical condition where you are unable to retract the skin freely to glans of the penis. A tight foreskin can causes numerous issues with sexual intercourse and fertility.

Many men with tight foreskin problems suffer from

A. Erectile Dysfunction
B. Premature Ejaculation
C. Infertility
D. A general lack of sexual satisfaction
E. Difficulties in penetration 
F. Most importantly, repeated Sexually transmitted infections






















Best Circumcision Hospital in Chennai - Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran - Chennai Circumcision Clinic

Our circumcision hospital in Chennai specializes in offering the city’s first non surgical foreskin removal.

This allows patient phenomenal recovery and also excellent cosmetic appearance. Our Clinic pioneered the cities first Pain free Non Surgical Removal of Foreskin treatment procedure using stapler ZSR Circumcision technology(STAPEX).

The technique uses a CE Certified device for performing foreskin removal within 7 minutes, painlessly and effortlessly.

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Clinical Advantages / Benefits of Circumcision

STD Prevention

Planning for a long term relationship or marriage? Circumcision is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

Circumcision of the foreskin prevents STI (Sexually transmitted infections) / STDs such as HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes etc.

Possible Prevention of STDs with Circumcision
Penile Cancer Prevention with Circumcision

Penile Cancer Prevention

Circumcision drastically reduces the risk of Penile cancers and related malignancies. Penile malignancies occur more commonly in uncircumcised men vs circumcised men.

Sexual Satisfaction

Circumcision allows men to achieve a higher degree of sexual satisfaction and helps men overcome difficulties in penetration. Men with untreated phimosis often experience ‘severe pain’ while attempting penetration

Sexual Satisfaction with Circumcision
WHO Recommends Men to be Circumcised

WHO Recommended

The World Health Organization (WHO) strongly advocates male circumcision for preventing the spread of HIV and other associated sexually transmitted diseases. Who are we to recommend otherwise?

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Circumcision when done right can also drastically improve erectile function in individuals having difficulties in retracting their foreskin. Over 80% of patients with phimosis suffer from chronic erectile dysfunction, circumcision helps overcome these issues.

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction with Circumcision

Reproductive Hygiene

The foreskin is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and infection due to accumulated debris, moisture and dead cells. Circumcision helps prevent this and ensures excellent hygiene in the male genital region.

Patient Testimonials

I suffered from a tight foreskin for over 12 years. I visited numerous so called experts who all said that I could conceive only with IVF without even doing a physical exam!. I then met Dr Karthik from a close family referral. Today I am now a father of 2 children!!. May god bless you sir. Continue the awesome work you are doing.


Entrepreneur and media consultant

I had penile foreskin issues for a very long time, the repeated infections was terrible. I was constantly on antibiotics and also suffered from erectile dysfunction.I had visited numerous doctor and had spent lakhs on treatments. I then met Dr. Karthik, I was asked to undergo a circumcision. I am now completely well and better than ever!.

HR Consultant

Dr. Karthik is simply amazing. He is definitely the top doctor for treating phimosis issue in chennai. After 5 years of shuffling between numerous experts, I finally found my relief from my tight foreskin issues. Sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Kalyan,