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Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, MS, FRCS (Glasg), FIAGES( Gastro), FECSM(UK), FIMSA, F.UROGYN( USA) F.ANDRO, DCE, is a senior consultant in Advanced Laser surgery, Minimally invasive Laparoscopy, Urology and Men’s health. He obtained his MS in General Surgery from Madras Medical College and his FRCS from the RoyalCollege of Surgeons( Glasgow). He was awarded the Prof Venugopal Gold Medal in Urology in 1998. He obtained his Fellowship in PelvicFloor Surgery from The Cleveland Clinic in the United States. His interest in Urology and Men’s health made him train with Dr. Paul Turek from the Turek clinic, the USA in Men’s health and Andrology and Dr. Goldstein from Sandiego, USA. A FECSM ( Oxford, U.K.) qualification in Sexology and Men’s health followed and also an Embryology Diploma from Chettinad University. He is the Editor of the text book ” Male Infertility- A Clinical Approach” by Springer publications.

Many men suffer in isolation with problems of Impotency (Problems having an erection), Infertility such as Premature Ejaculation (Quick/Early Ejaculation), Erectile Dysfunction (Erection Problems), Inflammation of Penis,redness and swelling,lack of sensation, Pain during intercourse,Delayed Ejaculation, Low Sperm Quality,tight foreskin, Phimosis, Pharaphimosis and several other Sexual Health issues. Sexual Health, specially Men’s health had always taken a back seat in these issues not just in Chennai but in India and most men are reluctant to seek help promptly from the right doctors/sexologists. Though outwardly they speak of lack of time, on the inside they crave for attention and right treatment from the right sex specialist. Dont fear circumcision,get rid of all foreskin problems with our best doctor for circumcision in chennai.


At Chennai circumcision clinic, you can talk to our USA and Europe trained sexologist in private and openly discuss your sexual health problems and get the right treatment. Our circumcision hospital in Chennai specializes in offering the city’s first non surgical foreskin removal.This allows patient phenomenal recovery and also excellent cosmetic appearance. Our Clinic pioneered the cities first Pain free Non Surgical Removal of Foreskin treatment procedure using stapler ZSR Circumcision technology(STAPEX).

The technique uses a CE Certified device for performing foreskin removal within 7 minutes, painlessly and effortlessly.