Stapler Circumcision- Painless Three minutes Procedure


Circumcision has been one of the oldest surgical procedures performed for various reasons including but not limited to religion and ethnicity. The other common reasons warranting Circumcision could be cosmetic, infections, trauma, sexual beliefs and also partner induced. Traditional Circumcision has been largely given up due to pain and trauma associated with it .
Stapler Circumcision is a new technique that was introduced by a company called ZSR biomedical and till today goes by the nick name of ZSR stapler Circumcision.


stapler circumcision
The stapler device consists of a disposable use and throw cutting and stapling device which cuts the foreskin circumferential and applies two rows of staples which falloff after about 2-3 weeks. The procedure can be done under Local anaesthesia in under 5 minutes with the patient returning to work in 6 hours in most centers. The beauty of the technique lies in its simplicity. The device is designed in such a way that the skin is not crushed but rather cut in one single strike . It is the crushing of the skin edges and the application of sutures that normally produce pain and swelling in the would postoperatively. However this is completely done away with this fantastic technique. Though a local penile block will suffice for this procedure, some people prefer general or regional ( spinal ) anaesthesia.



Why choose Stapler Circumcision:

  • Painless
  • No sutures
  • 3 minute procedure
  • Can be done under local block
  • Bloodless
  • Disposable device
  • No infection
  • Day care
  • Return to work the same day
  • Cosmetic and Aesthetic


Is Stapler better than Laser Circumcision:

Yes stapler is definitely better as the circumferential cut is cleaner in stapler Circumcision. The biggest advantage of stapler is that even one or two sutures that Laser requires is not used here. Hence the scar is muck cleaner and more cosmetic. The postoperative swelling is almost non existent whereas in Laser a certain amount of postoperative swelling can be expected.

Cost of stapler Circumcision:


The cost of stapler Circumcision varies between 45-75K depending on the facilities that the patient avails during a stay. Though 98% of patients leave the same day a few prefer to stay over especially if they are visiting from other cities or countries. Full insurance cover is offered for these procedures with all National and private insurers covering for this procedure.


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