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Does circumcision reduce sensitivity? 


Circumcision is the surgical procedure of removing the foreskin that covers the head of the penis. It is a procedure that is done out of choice and can also be due to religious and cultural reasons. The followers of Islam and Jews are few of the religions that practice this. Aboriginal tribes in Africa and Australia practice this ritual too!


Now-a-days, many men are getting circumcised (outside the religious or cultural obligations) as a part of preference and personal hygiene or to prevent communicable diseases like HIV, HPV etc.


Though circumcisions have been proven to have several benefits, there have been topics of debate amongst many experts claiming that the risk factors outweigh the benefits of it.  The benefits of circumcisions can range from hygiene to reduced risks of sexually transmitted infections but does circumcision really reduce the sensitivity of the penis’s glans? As a result of which men can last longer in bed? Yea, we know, every man wants to last long and forever in bed 😛


Does circumcision really reduce sexual sensation or sensitivity?

The answer is both yes and no, the study published in February 2013, by the British Journal of Urology International, found out that circumcised men reported less sexual sensitivity than uncircumcised men.

But several experts think otherwise. It is a known fact that uncircumcised penis is more sensitive to light touch than a circumcised penis glans. Circumcision ‘can’ reduce sexual sensation.


In an uncircumcised penis, the extra skin adds more friction and stimulation during sex, for both men and women it can get you extra pleasure and causes increased sensitivity to the glans. Circumcision can reduce sexual sensation because the procedure removes thousands of nerve endings in the penis. 

But some studies show otherwise that there can be no significant change in sensitivity in men who undergo circumcision and men who don’t. A 2016 study found that both experienced the same level of sexual pleasure. Note that this study talked about the Sexual Pleasure which is different from the sensitivity of the penis.


In conclusion,

Different people prefer different things, some men like it circumcised and some don’t. Circumcision does affect the sensitivity of the penis’s glans but not a very great extent. Sexual  enjoyment comes through psychological factors too apart from penile anatomy.


However many studies reported that Circumcision has very little effect on the sensitivity of the penis, but Circumcision provides additional benefits with the reduced risks of UTIs and STIs and also the risk of HIV transmission as much as 60%. The foreskin represents only a small part of the penis and only plays a small role in a man’s penile anatomy.