What is the best remedy for phimosis

What is the best remedy for phimosis?

Phimosis need not be always a major cause for concern. But, Phimosis that develops symptoms like redness, swelling, irritation or difficulty in urinating requires suitable remedy is definitely required. Remedy usually involves treatment to relieve the tight foreskin from an underlying cause. Best remedy for Phimosis is to stop trying to treat the foreskin one’s self and…

Stapler Circumcision Painless & Effective. Know where to do it!.jpg

Stapler Circumcision: Painless & Effective. Know where to do it!

Advanced Stapler Circumcision at Chennai Circumcision Clinic Surgical removal of foreskin of the human penis is called Circumcision. It is an ancient practice that originated as a religious ritual. Today circumcision is done for medical reasons. Circumcision is known to have many benefits. It reduces the risk of some sexually transmitted diseases in men. It…

ZSR New age of Circumcision

ZSR: New Age of Circumcision | Chennai Circumcision Clinic

Circumcision is one of the most frequently performed procedures by urologists. The goal of medical circumcision is to expose the glans sufficient to prevent phimosis or paraphimosis. Asepsis, adequate excision of outer and inner preputial skin layers, haemostasis, protection of the glans and urethra, and cosmetic appeal are the basic principles of any circumcision procedure.…