Will Circumcision Affect Sex Drive?

“Will circumcision affect sex drive ? NO.   ” Circumcision has always been erotically misinterpreted. It is a common misconception that the foreskin is the only male erogenous tissue or erogenous zone that contributes to a man’s sex drive. In contrary, the foreskin represents only a small part of the penis and only a tiny…


Will Untreated Phimosis Leads to Penile Cancer?

Phimosis is a pathologic inability to retract the foreskin in uncircumcised men. Penile cancer is more common in men with Phimosis. Penile cancer though an uncommon medical condition, is highly associated with mortality and other adverse reactions. Penile cancer leads to physical genital disfigurement that may interfere with normal male voiding patterns, disable normal penetrative…